Drion Bank Security Gembloux, manufacture and production of bullet-proof windows and doors, Belgium.


Burglar and bullet-proof windows and doors
Borchamps, 2a
6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Tél.: 084 32 11 11
Mail : info@drionsecurity.be
N° Ent : BE 0886 278 013



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A proud past for DRION !

In 1929, Drion, which was established in Eghezée, produced agricultural machinery and sidecars for motorbikes. This expertise in steel has never been lost.

Over time Drion became a leading supplier of high-security steel products and most of the major Belgian banks have Drion security systems in their facilities.

In 2007, the company moved into new premises in the Sauvenière (Gembloux) industrial zone and was bought by the HANIN Group.

Today, Drion, with the support of its two sister companies, Ch‚ssis G. Hanin and Miroiterie Jamboise, has achieved references as flattering and prestigious as those of the Belgian army, NATO, La Poste and even the Chancery for the Ambassador of Japan, etc.